Matt 6:33 (United Sound 6017)  1975?


Eleven-member co-ed California folk outfit with interpretations of Love Song (‘Little Country Church’, ‘Two Hands’), Brewer & Shipley (‘The Light’), Bob Dylan (‘I shall Be Released’), Andrae Crouch (‘I’m Coming Home’), ‘Bright New World’, Master Designer’ and others.  Simple acoustic guitar for the most part, alternating male or female solo voice with group harmonies.  A few dull piano-accompanied, but overall an okay record. ‘The Fleece’ is a decent original track about the Biblical character Gideon, lazily talk-sung by Rod Edwards over bluesy acoustic guitar in a number not unlike Larry Norman’s ‘Moses In The Wilderness’.  Terry  Wright also does a respectable version of ‘Feelin’ High’ which was covered by Marj Snyder on her My Lifetime Now album.  Nice Seekers-like vibe to ‘Across That Line’.  Deluxe colorful gatefold cover.  A custom record from First Presbyterian Church in Fresno.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Bright New World

02. Little Country Church

03. Life Sweet Love

04. Master Designer

05. It’s Quiet Now

06. I’m Coming Home

07. The Fleece (Gideon)

08. The Light

09. I Shall Be Released

10. Gonna Change Your Heart

11. Across That Line

12. Feeling High

13. Two Hands

14. Reach Out