Building The Earth (Liturgical Press  11468)  1968



Though predominantly a children’s record with Sandi Yonikus and the Cristo Rey Singers, Building The Earth also happens to have several agreeable folk tunes with broader appeal.  I can handle kids singing on maybe one or two songs  –  six out of thirteen is definitely pushing it.  Still there’s a good side’s worth of material featuring just Sandi singing simple melodies with backing from acoustic guitar and sometimes banjo, harmonica, bongos, tambourine and a friend on background vocals. Fits right alongside Elaine Curzio’s Bubble Joy. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Building The Earth

02. Our God Is Good

03. Spirit Of God

04. Gio (The Little Yellow Bird)

05. We Come As Your People

06. I’ll Find Me A Mountain

07. He’ll Come Again

08. Knock On Any Door

09. Sing Alleluia

10. Teach Me

11. Christ Takes His Throne

12. Sing With Joy

13. Gather ‘Round The Table