Bread For The Wilderness Wine For The Journey (Morning Star MSR 002) 1983


Here is Episcopal Priest Father Rick who came out with a very nice light rock early 80’s lp with 8 original songs comprising 41 œ minutes. On it Rick plays acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, piano and synthesizer as well as vocals on all! Some nice guitar playing is found here including oh did I forget with classical guitar. Drums are by Fr. Rob Lord, some BGV by Debbie Lord, hmm… the family that makes albums together …a talented guy.    Review by Ozark Ken.

There is some progressive edges here that reminded me of Jimmy Hotz’ Beyond The Crystal Sea. Yet another of Michael Omartian. Dreamy, surreal, soaring and soft with gentle mixes.  Record had a few flaws but well worth the listen. There are some worshipful songs that brought shivers to my back. Don’t let the title fool you this is well worth a listen.  This was like finding a lost gem.   Review by RP.

Ozark Ken was nice enough to re-record this album and we now have a much better recording. We figured out what the problem was.  The one that reminds me of Michael Omartian is ‘Bread For The Wilderness’.  I hope you enjoy the revised download, I have re-uploaded the album with the new recording. Much better!




01. Lord I’m Amazed

02. Song To The Lamb

03. Bread For The Wilderness

04. The Narrow Way

05. Song Of The Eucharist

06. Psalm 12

07. Canticle Of The Cross

08. Song Of Love For Every Man