Awaiting Your Reply (Star Song SSR-0011) 1978



Just in case by some fluke there’s someone out there that’s never heard of Jesus music’s premier hard rock outfit, let me assure you that early Rez Band is definitely all that they’re cracked up to be.  They weren’t the first to worship and evangelize at high volume, though they’re probably the best known and certainly one of the first to get label attention and be taken seriously from an artistic perspective.  The band had been together long before this release finally saw the light, dispensing a couple cassette demos to riff-starved hippies that frequented their urban Chicago-based ministry Jesus People USA (JPUSA).  Flawless examples of heavy ’70’s-style guitar-based classic rock can be found in ‘Waves’, ‘ Lightshine’, the title track and ‘The Death Of The Dying’, the latter opening with a wild noise collage and reverse guitar effects.  Plenty of solid riff workouts from guitarist Stu Heiss and Glenn Kaiser, but note the equally skillful acoustic textures, including the effective use of dulcimer (‘Golden Road’, ‘Irish Garden’) and Delta blues-styled slide guitar (‘Ananias And Sapphira’, courtesy of bass player Jim Denton).  Even room for some progressive keyboard touches (piano, synthesizer) on ‘Broken Promises’.  They also work in some wailing harmonica (the aforementioned ‘Waves’) and jazzy saxophone (the closing ballad ‘The Return’).  Glenn and Wendy Kaiser both prove themselves to be worthy lead vocalists.  Enough said – it’s out on CD now, though the original gatefold cover is an artistic masterpiece well worth seeking out.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Waves
02. Awaiting Your Reply
03. Broken Promises
04. Golden Road
05. Lightshine
06. Ananias and Sapphira
07. The Death of the Dying
08. Irish Garden
09. The Return


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