Colours (Light LS 5783) 1980



Colours has got to be the pinnacle of Christian hard rock, detonating with an intensity level of ten as Glenn Kaiser and Stu Heiss unleash some of their best solos on record, while Glenn and wife Wendi scream out lyrics that speak to real life issues, as well as the hope Christ brings  to a world caught up in the despair of vain existence.  The first two albums certainly had their  share of hard rockers, but this one breaks the dam and lets the torrents rage forth.  Explosive statements on inner city life (‘N.Y.C., the AC/DC-ish ‘City Streets’), failed ideals (‘American Dream’, complete with nuclear explosion) and tragedy (‘Benny & Sue’) effectively dislodge us from our comfort zones, while ‘Autograph’, ‘Amazing’, ‘Beggar In The Alleyway’ and ‘The Struggle’ point an optimistic ray of light toward the Redeemer.  The classy gatefold cover is once again an artistic delight.  They continued to record some of fine albums on into the 80’s, but in my opinion they never came close to matching the forcefulness and conviction of these ten songs.  Righteous!    (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Autograph

02. Colours

03. N.Y.C.

04. Hidden Man

05. Amazing

06. American Dream

07. Benny & Sue

08. City Streets

09. Beggar In The Alleyway

10. The Struggle


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