Rainbow’s End (Star Song SSR-0015) 1979


Rainbow’s End is basically Awaiting Your Reply Vol. 2, which is by no means a bad thing. The high standards continue on this superb release, guitar-heavy tracks like ‘Midnight Son’, ‘Strongman’, ‘Sacrifice Of Love’ and ‘The Wolfsong’ all hitting the mark with the group’s signature hard-edged classic rock sound.  ‘Skyline’ inserts some mean harmonica  among the sizzling guitar riffs, while prog-edged synths return briefly for the powerful title track.  ‘Afrikaans’ steps into the political arena for a hard-hitting indictment of apartheid.  The climactic ‘Paint A Picture’ shows the band equally strong in the power ballad arena.  The mood softens slightly for ‘Concert For A Queen’, which is framed in stirring acoustic-guitar textures.  The ballad ‘Every Time It Rains’ is the album’s other quiet track, closing out the album with wisps of jazz-laced saxophone.  Brilliant deluxe cover art that includes a pair of die-cut windows.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Midnight Son
02. Strongman
03. Afrikaans
04. Skyline
05. Paint A Picture
06. Rainbow’s End
07. Concert For A Queen
08. Sacrifice Of Love
09. The Wolfsong
10. Everytime It Rains


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