Picture The Dawning (Pretzel PFP 0176)  1976



Melodic Catholic folk/praise assembled with acoustic and electric guitars, piano, flute, cello, clarinet and trumpet.  Sounds similar to a lot of those late-’70s NALR projects, but without the big choirs and strings.  Also a mild suggestion of Joe Wise’s later albums.  Paul’s singing can be rather smooth and rich, but it’s effectively balanced by Theodora Page’s lovely female voice and a four-person backup chorus.  A few dragging MOR-ish easy listening tracks, but more often  a touching classical beauty, especially ‘Come, Lord’, ‘Spread Your Love’, the minor-key ‘Reproaches’ and the piano/flute instrumental ‘Offering’.  A gradual gong fade-in on the opening title track is kinda neat.  Same custom label as Backwood’s Pilgrim’s Road.  The giant eye graphic on the front cover is totally loss.  Paul was music editor for a magazine called Modern Liturgy.    (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

You can find additional music and the scores on Paul’s web site.




01. Picture The Dawning

02. Come Lord

03. Peace

04. Spread Your Love

05. Let Me, Lord

06. Sometimes O Lord

07. Remember Us

08. My Peace My Joy My Love

09. Sing Praise

10. Be Strong For Me

11. Offering

12. Reproaches

13. King Of Love


Additional music and the scores can be found on Paul’s web site.