Called To Follow (Caliche CR 102)  1978


Called To Follow (subtitled A Journey Of Faith In Song) features some of Strathdee’s most convicting songs.  Standouts include ‘Fierce Love’, ‘Don’t Fear The Wilderness’ and ‘War Orphans’, each of which has just acoustic guitar backing Jim’s sensitive yet passionate vocals.  Wife Jean has an equally pleasant voice which gets the spotlight on the quiet haunting ‘Jodie’s Song’.  Elsewhere she can be found providing piano and mandolin accompaniment.  Vocal ensemble on a few songs,  sounding rather traditional in a couple spots, combining with solo violin on the worshipful ‘We Are Called To Follow Jesus’.  From Ridgecrest, California.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Gathering Song

02. Fierce Love

03. Don’t Fear The Wilderness

04. Jodie’s Song

05. O I Will Sing

06. Now Is The Time For Hearts To Sing

07. Santus

08. We Are Called To Follow Jesus

09. War Orphans

10. How Can You Call Me Lord

11. Walls That Divide

12. Our Father