Home Is Where You Are (Jesus Folk JFR 4003) 1976


Home Is Where You Are finds Glenn with a smoother, mellower ccm and ballad style.  Steel guitar brings a light country air to a few songs.  Also some string and brass arrangements, soft electric piano and easy soft-jazz saxophone.  Quiet gentle songs, the better ones having an acoustic guitar focus.  Same small Christian label as Jesus Folk One and Phil McHugh’s All Glory To You. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01.  Purple Robe

02.  Take It To Jesus

03.  He Saw Glory

04.  I Know She Knows

05.  Signs Say

06.  Keep On Believin’

07.  I See Him In The Morning

08.  Little Boy Blue

09.  Walkin’ Down Lonely Sunday Morning

10.  Home Is Where You Are