Pastor Pickin’ (Rainbow R-2313-LPS) 1978?












Another in-concert custom album, recorded live before 5,000 people. Pastor Pickin’ is dedicated to the pastors and churches who participated in one of the Massegee crusades in Lincolnton County, North Carolina, so I imagine that’s where it was taped.  Same format as Amen!, with two side-long routines, inside jokes and songs. Somewhat muffled recording quality, with soft piano constantly playing in the background.  It’s impossible to top Erick’s closing song ‘Jesus Put A Yodel In My Soul’ which sets new standards in the field of yodelling Christian dummies (“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus set me free; yodel-odle-lay-hee, yodel-odel-lay-hee, yodel-odel-lay-hee-hee!”).  After that the little guy gets forcefully crammed (against his wishes, still talking) back into his suitcase.  Totally boss close-up photo of Erick’s sculptured face taking up the whole front cover.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

















Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Track 1
1-2Track 2
1-3Track 3
1-4Track 4
2-1Track 1
2-2Track 2
2-3Track 3