A Different Shade Of Blue (Avant Garde AVS 134) 1972


Graduating to the Avant Garde label for their second release, D & A picked up additional singer/guitarist Jim Sloan.  Also added were drums, electric guitar, harmonica, dobro, pedal steel – obviously no longer just a folk band, the trio has forged into country-flavored folkrock – and they do a good job of it.   Case in point: the quintessential steel-driven ‘Charleston’.  Other tracks cruising along to a country vibe include ‘Those Who Need A Friend’ and ’18th Hour of Dyin’.  The folk roots are still pervasive, so a good deal of the album is pleasantly laid back, often with rich smooth harmonies that suggest a ’60s kind of sound.  Some of  the ballads what with the violins come dangerously close to easy listening (‘Do You Know My Name’, ‘Who Were The Children’), but fortunately are still enjoyable.  Lyrics to ‘The Beggar’ were written in Vietnam in 1969.  Mostly original songs, plus a cover of John Stewart’s ‘When You’ve Been Away For A Long Time’ (from whence the album title comes).  A successful transition from their humble acoustic origins.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Do You Know My Name3:50
1-2Those Who Need A Friend2:45
1-3Traveelin' Down A Dirt Road3:13
1-418th Hour Of Dyin'2:05
1-5Who Were The Children5:35
2-2When You've Been Away For A Long Time3:28
2-3Don't You Know The Face3:20
2-4The Beggar3:40
2-5The Beatitudes1:58
2-6Song For A Carpenter2:25