Master Key (Jasper  FFR-1056) 1978



Looks to be some kind of pre-Star Song production.  A Dawn Treader Production to be specific, with “space effects” by Jim Hotz aka Jimmy Hotz of Beyond The Crystal Sea fame.  Space rock this isn’t, though – Chuck’s an acoustic kind of fella with one of them country voices, confirmed here and there by banjo, fiddle, and pedal steel.  Peaceful folk for the most part with simple arrangements utilizing oboe, cello, viola.  Songs like the title track come across very moody  and dream-like.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Master Key

02. Mrs. Phillips Prayer

03. The Office Song

04. Jade

05. The Reason I’m Here Is You

06. Can’t You See They’re Dying

07. Follow Him With Me

08. Let Him Take The Throne

09. A Song For Daddy

10. When I’ve Had A Good Day