Sojourning (Star Song SSR-8016)  1979



For those who enjoy the late-70s style of 2nd Chapter Of Acts, an equal delight awaits in Chalice’s Sojourning.  You can hear similarities all through the lp, not only in the precise vocal harmonies but also in the songwriting and musical arrangements (approaching flat-out imitation on the lively sax-backed ‘Fly Away’).  Overall a polished yet vibrant soft rock style, sometimes lightly string orchestrated ala Mansion Builder or Roar Of Love, with respectable electric guitar presence throughout.  The yodeling diversion ‘Yodelluia’ may not be up to standard, but songs like ‘My Eyes Are Open’ with its dreamy airborne flute-backed acoustic mood more than make up for it.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Lookin’ Back

02. Psalm 98

03. My Eyes Are Open

04. In His Arms

05. Clouds

06. Rose Of Sharon

07. I Just Want To Be With Him

08. Yodelluia

09. Fly Away

10. Pilgrims