Writz (Electric Trix 12) 1979  UK *



Boy, what a difference a year makes!  The foursome formerly known as Fish Co. (Steve Fairnie, Bev Sage, Steve Rowles, Jules Hardwick) pick up a couple  additional members  (Arry Azell and After The Fire’s Nick Battle) and charge full-steam ahead into outrageous driving disco/new wave/rock — a land occupied by the likes of Missing Persons, ‘Pop Muzik’, Buggles, ‘Funky Town’, Sparks and that whole early MTV scene. Bev Sage in particular seems to have gone completely over the edge with her insane loopy yelps.  Fairnie’s not far behind either with his Fuehrer-through-a-loudspeaker rants on ‘Muscle Culture’ (“I have a vision! A television!”).  I don’t know whether titles like ‘Night Nurse’, ‘Luxury’, ‘Private Lives’, ‘Swinging With The Reptiles’, ‘Robberoni’ and ‘TV Times’ exactly qualify as “Jesus music” — perhaps more accurately it’s Christian artist providing satirical commentary on the glamorous life, the entertainment industry and modern society in general.  And having a whole heck of a lot of fun while doing it, too.  Such moments were not unheard of in their Fish Co. days – in fact there’s a revamped version of ‘Super Heroes’ from Fish Co.’s Beneath The Laughter.  All songs written by Fairnie and Rowles.  This album was also released in Israel in 1981 as Famous Names’ The Writz Album. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Night Nurse

02. Luxury

03. Swinging With The Reptiles

04. Drive Away

05. Super Heroes

06. Movies

07. Robberoni

08. Private Lives

09. TV Times

10. Muscle Culture