The Painter (Sparrow SPR-1037) 1980


The Grammy-nominated The Painter has quite a different sound from the brothers’ prior collaboration, revealing a strong moody solemnity that undoubtedly reflects the recent Catholic direction of John Michael’s music. Some passages will recall the progressive acoustic work of each man’s solo recordings, but you’ll find no rock here. No country either. Rather the primary influence is classical, not only as found in the passionate acoustic guitar work, but also from the symphonic presence of The London Chamber Orchestra, who gracefully enhance the music with strings, woodwinds and harp. Titles like ‘Wonderful Counselor’, ‘Advent Suite’, ‘Paint Your Life’, ‘The Mystery’ and ‘The Empty Canvas’ are all vibrant with the brothers’ expert tailor-made harmonies. A nice change of pace, and one of the top Christian albums of the ’80s. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Greeting

02. Wonderful Counselor

03. Advent Suite

04. Behold Now The Kingdom

05. Crate in Me a Clean Heart

06. Paint My Life

07. The Mystery

08. Jesus Has Come

09. The Empty Canvas



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