Nothing Short Of Telling (Mint SP2)  1976  UK *


Another very special UK folkrock unknown with electric instrumentation and fragile male/female harmonies. A Joyful happy kind of sound with all original songwriting.  The quieter moments have the charm of groups like Carpenter’s Apprentice and Sanctus, but they can also cheerfully rock and roll with some vigorous guitar action (‘Here To Stay’).  ‘Esther’ also has some subterranean wah-wah growing in the background of its simple melody.  Minor-key moods are also explored on the dreamy ‘The Tears That Fell’ which features classical guitar, flute, oboe, mandolin, and mysterious strings.  Other titles: ‘Peace Is Just Around The Corner’, ‘No I Can’t Find The Words’, ‘Jesus Comes In Brings Sunshine’, ‘Singing Songs For Jesus every Day’, ‘Give Me Jesus’, ‘Oh How I Love Him’,  ‘Light Of The World’.  A couple with kids singing along doesn’t seem to hurt the flow any.  Label is out of Northern Ireland.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




1. Nothing Short Of Telling
2. Peace Is Just Around The Corner
3. Here To Stay
4. No I Can’t Find The Words
5. Jesus Come In Brings Sunshine
6. Singing Songs For Jesus Every Day
7. Give Me Jesus
8. The Tears That Fell
9. Esther
10. Oh How I Love Him
11. Light Of The World