Each One Heard In His Own Language About The Marvels Of God (Century 30441) 1968




Here’s one choir you definitely won’t want to miss. Notice that they’re directed by Rev. Nicholas T. Freund, the same guy responsible for The Search Party’s Montgomery Chapel, one of Christian music’s absolute top psych rarities. Although this male/female choir doesn’t really sound like The Search Party, they sure don’t recall any choir I’ve ever heard before. The rock, folk, psych and electronic influences heard here once again confirm that Freund was very much a part of the experimental late ’60s. The choir itself comes across big and loud, and at more than one point it even sounds like they’re yelling at the top of their lungs. The instruments are loud, too: the electric bass, the organ, the acoustic guitars, the electric guitar, and especially the drums and percussion. ‘Meditation – Acts 2:1-12 – Pentecost Sunday’ opens the album on a highly avant garde note, with liturgical readings, chanting and dissonant singing backed by a variety of harsh grating electronic sounds. Covers of Ray Repp’s ‘I Am The Resurrection’ and ‘Come Children Hear Me’ follow, sounding like straightforward ’60s Catholic folk as typically heard on World Library or FEL labels. Bluesy harmonica joins with some cool electric guitar riffing on Sister Germaine’s ‘Who Is This Man’. Next is an intense psychedelic version of ‘Get Together’ with big drums, swirls of spacey organ and tripped-out St. Pepper flutes, and a short modal/raga electric guitar solo. Side two is entirely taken up with a rocking performance of John Ylvisaker’s Mass For The Secular City (from Praise The Lord In Many Voices Part I), highlighted by psychy organ and electric guitar interaction. Very primitive looking yellow cover with red dove/fire design, along with newspaper clippings about the group on the back. An extremely rare private press from Galt, California, on the ultra-custom Century label. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Acts 4:1-2
1-2Pentecost Sunday
1-3I Am The Resurrection
1-4Come Children Hear Me
1-5Who Is This Man
2-1Get Together
2-2Introit-Sing To The Lord
2-3Kyrie-Lament For The City
2-4Gloria-Joy In The City
2-5Credo-Death In The City, Sanctus-Lord Of The City, Agnus Dei-New Life In The City