Siloam (Timbrel MK 47-248) 1977?



Siloam is to American hippie folkrock what groups like Presence, Aslan and Sanctus are to the British scene. That means Acoustic folkrock with depth, where melodic textures of 12-string guitar, piano, percussion and male/female harmonies combine with compassionate songwriting and skilled musicianship to create a wonderful work of fragile beauty and homegrown charm. Gently strummed mid-tempo numbers like ‘Mystery’, the minor-key ‘We Beseech You’ and the breezy ‘For This Reason’ all are sheer perfection for the genre. Tracks like ‘The Shepherd’ and ‘Day Of The Lord’ even have a dreamy psych edge to them. Others like ‘Oh My Lord’ reveal a delicate VU ‘Femme Fatale’ quality. Very nice acoustic lead guitar work throughout. Twelve original songs in all. A seven person outfit from the Dayspring Community in St. Louis. Named after the pool in Jerusalem where Jesus told a blind man to wash and receive his sight. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. The Shepherd

02. We Beseech You

03. Oh My Lord

04. It Is A Good Thing

05. Mystery

06. Phillipians

07. For This Reason

08. Day Of The Lord

09. The Lord Is My Light

10. Fear The Lord

11. Weary Traveler

12. Psalm 73