Because Of Love (Kenjo KS76-5)  1976?


They do just about everything on this set, including light rock, pop, country folkrock, acoustic, ballad, MOR, bluegrass gospel, a cappella, even  a harder-edged rocker called ‘Flowers Not Thorns’ (now I wouldn’t have minded a whole album like that).  Horns and strings crop up on a few of these, like ‘Being Me Through The Test’ (essentially an MOR  cut, but with some crunchy electric guitar in the middle).  Mostly original songs, along with covers of ‘Jesus Priceless Treasure’, ‘Love Lifted Me’ and ‘Just a Little Talk With Jesus’.  Seems to be a bit harder to find than their first two albums.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Lately

02. Lord We’ll Make It

03. – Jesu Priceless Treasure

04. He’s Always There

05. Write A Song

06. Love Lifted Me

07. Bring Me Through The Test

08. Just A Little Talk With Jesus

09. Because Of Love

10. Flowers Not Thorns

11. I Believe