Born Twice (One Way JC 31252) 1971





Born Twice remains one of the most sought after collectibles from one of Jesus Music’s founding fathers. And what a great album it is! Anyone who’s experienced this man in concert knows the immediate rapport he creates with his audience. Side one captures that magic along with the joy of Randy’s new-found faith through an early live solo acoustic performance. Songs include ‘I Need You.’  ‘Hand In The Hand’, ‘Help Me Lord’. ‘He’s Got The Whole World’ and ‘Thank You’, plus spoken bits between the songs with Randy hamming it up as usual. The flip side is in the studio with a band. It’s that same classic home-grown underground rock sound as Larry Norman’s Street Level (both albums were released on the same label, recorded with some money and studio time courtesy of Pat Boone).  Randy’s signature tune ‘I Love You’ is on here, plus ‘Never Can Repay’, ‘All Right Now’, ‘Norman’s Kitchen’ (with Larry clearly audible on background vocals) and the acoustic ‘Passing Stranger’. The original and hardest-to-find pressing includes the song ‘He Is A Friend Of Mine’, later replaced with pressing includes the song ‘He Is A Friend Of Mine’, later replaced with a raw hard-rocking cover of the Norman co-written ‘Christmas Time’. Collectors will want to track down both versions (they are rare and in demand but obtainable). The ‘Christmas Time’ version was also released in the UK. And then there’s the ‘Two Sides Live’ variation, actually a mis-pressing with the live tracks on both sides.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).









Randy Stonehill - Born (US Bck)


Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1I Need You4:16
1-2Hand In The Hand3:10
1-3He's Got The Whole World4:24
1-4Help Me Lord5:59
1-5Thank You3:05
1-6Never Can Repay2:29
2-1All Right Now3:16
2-2Passing Stranger6:09
2-3I Love You2:58
2-4Norman's Kitchen3:55
2-5Sunset Road To Nowhere4:05


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