Judgement Day at Speedy Mart (no label, no #) 1991







In 1991 Larry Norman’s private label Phydeaux briefly distributed this extremely limited two-disc set containing the ‘Christmas Time’ version of Born Twice along with an album of early previously unreleased Stonehill acoustic performances entitled Judgement Day At Speedee Mart.  That title is actually identified only on the promotional flyer since both record labels are blank and the cover used is the one from Born Twice. Each disc (one of which is pressed on clear blue vinyl) contains one side of each album — together both records contain both full albums. All the Judgement Day tracks are solo-with-guitar, performed before an audience in England, hence a very similar feel to the live side of Born Twice (and probably recorded not too long afterward).  Randy does several of Norman’s songs here: ‘Forget Your Hexagram’, ‘Why Don’t You Look To Jesus’, ‘Lonely By Myself”, ‘I Am A Servant’ and ‘Pardon Me’.  There are some prime examples of Randy’s trademark clowning around on ‘Norman’s Kitchen’, the offbeat ‘God’s Not Dead’, and a moseyin’ cover of the People song ‘Hasty Heart’ that’s heavy on the hick accent.  Also a nice ballad entitled ‘Sunset Road To Nowhere’.  Closes with ‘He’s A Friend Of Mine’.  A rare treat and essential item for the Stonehill collector.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Randy Stonehill - Speedymart (Insert 1)



Randy Stonehill - Speedymart (Insert 2)



Randy Stonehill - Speedymart (Bl Disk)



Randy Stonehill - Speedymart (Bck)



Thank you Donald for the additional inserts,  blue disk, and rear cover photos.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Forget Your Hexagram2:55
1-2Why Don't You Look Into Jesus?2:34
1-3Lonely By Myself3:51
1-4God's Not Dead2:49
1-5I Am A Servant3:14
2-1Never Can Repay
2-2 All Right Now
2-3Passing Stranger
2-4I Love You
2-5Christmas Time
2-6Norman's Kitchen 6:34
3-1I Need You
3-2Hand In The Hand
3-3He's Got The Whole World
3-4Help Me Lord
3-5Thank You
4-1Norman's Kitchen6:34
4-2Pardon Me3:50
4-3Sunset Road To Nowhere4:09
4-4Hasty Heart3:52
4-5He Is A Friend Of Mine4:09




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