The Sky Is Falling (Solid Rock SRA 2005)  1980



Another very good album by Randy, its only minor flaw being it’s not quite as memorable as Welcome To Paradise.  ‘One True Love’, Counterfeit King’, ‘Through The Glass Darkly’.  A nod to the Eagles on the smooth country-rocking ‘Teen King’.  Also the touching ballad ‘Emily’ about the death of a loved one.  Novelty tunes this time include the television-slamming ‘The Great American Cure’ and the Jamaican-flavored ‘Bad Fruit’ (complete with Steve Scott on “augmented jungle chanting”).  Other participants include Larry Norman, Tom Howard, Alex MacDougall, John Linn and Billy Batstone.  Closes on the hard rock note with apocalyptic ‘Trouble Coming’.  Includes an elaborate foldout with an extensive Randy interview describing the circumstances of each song.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).





01. One True Love

02. Through The Glass Darkly

03. Teen King

04. The Great American Cure

05. Venezuela

06. Counterfeit King

07. Jamey’s Got The Blues

08. Bad Fruit

09. Emily

10. Trouble Coming


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