Welcome to Paradise (Solid Rock SRA 2002) 1976










Although he’d already recorded two obscure lps and had appearances on the Time To Run and Show Me productions, Welcome To Paradise is the album that introduced most audiences to Randy. His love for God, crazy humor, radical look and passionate presentation would make him one of the most respected of Christian music’s singer-songwriters. From delicate soft rock (‘King Of Hearts’), to orchestrated acoustic ballads(‘First Prayer’, ‘Song For Sarah’), to the mid-rocking guitar-jamming ‘Keep Me Runnin’, to the harder-edged ‘Lung Cancer’ and ‘The Winner (High Card)’, Welcome To Paradise will always be proudly numbered among Jesus Music classics. Recorded when the Norman-Stonehill chemistry was at its peak and released on the burgeoning Solid Rock label where luxuriant packaging was the rule. Randy’s multi-colored mega-patched jeans deserve a spot in the Smithsonian. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Randy Stonehill - Welcome (In Lt)






Randy Stonehill - Welcome (Bck)







Thank you Donald for the Left inside gate-fold and Rear album cover photos.




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1. King Of Hearts

2. Keep Me Runnin’

3. The Winner (High Card)

4. Lung Cancer

5. Puppet Strings

6. First Prayer

7. I’ve Got News For You

8. Song For Sarah

9. Christmas Song For All Year ‘Round

10. Good News


11. I’ve Got News For You (Original Demo)

12. Randy and Larry Writing Heart Lock


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