Get Me Out Of Hollywood (Philips/Phonogram 63081) 1973 UK *


Born Twice might be rare, but Get Me Out Of Hollywood is virtually non-existent. Recorded in England at a major studio for a major label, the album was pressed but never released. Whether the copies are lost in some London warehouse or were melted in some tax write-off furnace has been the subject of much speculation over the years. A few stray copies, however, apparently leaked out before fiasco (the infamous “Randy’s mom’s copy”), and there’s been at least one fluke copy that turned up in England a few years ago (lucky bum). The album exists today mainly in against-all-hope want lists, along with numerous nth-generation cassette dubs, probably all from the same original. From a 1987 interview in The Cutting Edge magazine Randy Thought there may have been 500 or so pressed. Although he apparently didn’t care much for the end results, I personally find the album right up there with his Solid Rock works. ‘Jamie’s Got The Blues’ would later appear on The Sky Is Falling, ‘Puppet Strings’ on Welcome To Paradise. The closing noveltytune ‘Vegetables’ would soon be recorded by The Sheep on the Lonesome Stone project. Side two is mostly acoustic oriented , including some moving string arrangements on ‘Strange Youth’ and the beautiful ballad ‘East Coast Lady’ (the former in grand Stonehillian splendorincludes a reference to picking his nose). Other selections include ‘Back To California’, ‘Lonely Mary’, ‘Strangest Feelings’, ‘One Man’s Blues’ and the Spanish-flavored title track. Cover has him posing with that same superman shirt, denim jacket and patched jeans used on one of the Welcome To Paradise shots. In early 2000 this album was finally released on CD courtesy of Solid Rock’s Historical Archive series. The sound is clean, the original artwork is reproduced, and the booklet is fat with numerous photographs, lyrics and liner notes (here stating that only ten copies of the original were pressed!). There’s even a bonus track – a delicate acoustic ballad entitled ‘Blind Minstrel’. At any rate, fans can finally hear this lp the way it was meant to be heard.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



  1. Get Me Out Of Hollywood
  1. Back To California
  2. Lately Mary
  3. Jamey’s Blues
  4. Puppet Strings
  5. Strange Youth
  6. When I Look Into Your Eyes
  7. East Coast Lady
  8. One Man’s Blues
  9. Vegetables
  10. The Blind Minstrel


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