Ph’lip Side (Sparrow SPR-1036) 1980


Ph’ lip Side provides us with two different musical portraits of Phil. One side focuses on quieter moods: McCartney-esque pop of ‘A Child (In Everyone’s Heart)’, reflective ballads like ‘I Belong To You’, the mesmerising soft rock reverie of ‘Spend My Life With You’.  The other side unloads the heavier more rock-oriented material like ‘A Royal Commandment’ and the bluesy ‘Sunday School’  — not Phil’s best but hardly shabby either.  ‘Just A Moment Away’ was co-written by King’s X member Doug Pinnick.  Jamie Owens-Collins, Greg Volz and Matthew Ward on background vocals.  The original press contains the rocker ‘Send Out Your Light’, later substituted with acoustic ballad ‘In Your Keep’.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Song #Song TitleTime
That-1A Royal Commandment5:46
That-2Sunday School4:32
That-3Send Out Your Light3:28
That-4Pulling Down5:28
This-1A Child (In Everyone's Heart) 3:55
This-2Little Ones 4:27
This-3Spend My Life with You4:13
This-4Just A Moment Away4:00
This-5I Belong to You4:10


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