The Master & The Musician (New Song NS 006) 1979


Landmark progressive instrumental recording that artfully combines elements of classical, folk and rock.  In addition to his varied and exemplary classical, acoustic and electric guitar work, Keaggy adds further layers of depth by playing Arp bass synthesizer, E-bow guitars, drums and percussion, While additional musicians provide textures of Poly Moog synthesizer, recorder, oboe, flute and bass.  Also enhanced in a couple places with wordless vocals from Keaggy and his wife Bernadette.  The album contains a lot more classical stylings than heard on Phil’s earlier recordings, a welcome presence on tracks like ‘Pilgrim’s Flight’, ‘The Castle’s Call’ and ‘Wedding In The Country Manor’.  ‘Golden Halls’ and ‘Deep Calls Unto Deep’ draw the listener in with their melodic soft moods, while ‘Agora’, ‘Follow Me Up’ and the percussive ‘Jungle Pleasures’ effectively balance the project by supplying dynamic rock edges.   The instrumental format seems to have lent itself to expanded levels of creativity, resulting in one of Phil’s most respected albums.  The original New Song press includes a storyline on the inner sleeve, deleted on subsequent re-issues as Keaggy felt the music stood on its own – which it most certainly does.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01 Pilgrim’s Flight
02 Agora (The Marketplace)
03 The Castle`S Call
04 Wedding in the Country Manor
05 Suite of Reflection
06 Golden Halls
07 Mouthpiece
08 Follow Me Up
09 Jungle Pleasures
10 Deep Calls Unto Deep
11 Medley: Evensong, Twilight, Forever Joy
12 The High and Exalted One
13 Epilogue / Amazing Grace


Can be found here.