Love Broke Thru (New Song NS 002)  1976



To many an old Jesus freak this remains the definitive Phil Keaggy album.  Whereas most of the instruments on the relatively shoe-string What A Day were played by Keaggy, Love Broke Thru enlisted several musicians to provide more rock backing, especially in the keyboard department (courtesy of Larry Knechtel and Michael Omartian).  Background vocalists include Matthew Ward and Annie Herring from 2nd Chapter Of Acts along with Mylon LeFevre.  Moods range from the orchestrated pop ballad title song (written by Keith Green and Randy Stonehill) to the 6:47 classic rock masterpiece ‘Time’ to the delicate acoustic ‘As The Rain Falls’, a C.S. Lewis poem set to music with lovely flute accompaniment.  Re-issued on CD as two-fer with What A Day.  A classic!   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




1. Your Love Broke Through

2. Take Me Closer

3. As The Ruin Falls

4. Wild Horse

5. Disappointment

6. Time

7. Portrait

8. Just The Same

9. Things I Will Do

10. Abraham


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