Love And A Question (Journey JP261938)  1977



Time marches on and 1977 finds Quinlan fiddling around with light rock, pop and ballads.  Though lacking the authenticity of his folk material as well as the low-fidelity quirkiness of his beat stuff, this is ok for what it is.  Some of that basic Christian radio poprock blandness seeps in, but there are also parts that aren’t too shabby, including some pretty decent acoustic guitar and mandolin leads set in motion by clean production (sounds like they actually had a budget this time).  Piano also used extensively.  Quinlan himself sings lead on only one song.  Other tracks feature Bob Knox, Fred Griffith, Mitch Chakour and the especially moving Eileen Dunn.  My thrift store copy came with a small dead cockroach stuck to the vinyl.  (Ken Scott – The Archivist).

Thanks Steve for the cleaned up picture.




01. The Lord Is My Shepherd

02. Love Song

03. Roll On Mighty Mountains

04. Rise Up

05. Gathering Round

06. Where Would I Go

07. The Song Will Never End

08. Comes The Light Of Morn

09. Walking Down The Avenue

10. Praise The Lord