Songs And Reflections II (Custom no #) 1982


Decent follow-up to the first album. Side one has prayers, meditations and songs centered around a few themes. Side 2 is all music and is where the album shines. The best songs are again by Jamie Rickert who had the riveting song ‘new wine’ on PMT’s first lp. In a few spots the record quality was not that great, I cleaned it up the best I could. reviewed by OK.



01. Come Holy Ghost

02. Prayer of Petition – O Lord Hear Our Prayer

03. The Hawk

04. Forgiveness – Father We Rejoice

05. The Glory Wounds

06. Healing – Jesus I Am Yours

07. Holy God We Praise Thy Name

08. Be Still

09. Here I Am Lord

10. Freedom

11. Kindling Sticks

12. Prayer Of Abandonment

13. Called By Name