Searching (Angelus / King  WR 5074)  1974


Angelus label front

King label front


One of them Catholic folksingers, a dead ringer for Ray Repp, both the stirring voice and the melodic song structure.  He writes all his own stuff and performs it with just his acoustic guitar backing him.  Searching contains eighteen of his songs, sample titles being ‘Rose-Colored Dawn’, ‘Too Young For Dying’, ‘Sometimes The Way Of Life Is Hard’, ‘Whenever I Send Up A Prayer’ and ‘Well, It’s Jesus’.  Simple peaceful, relaxing, enjoyable.  Originally released on the custom Angelus label with photos of Mark front and back (nice ponytail).  Later re-issued on a label called King with simple cover graphics.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Thanks Steve for the improved cover.



Angelus label rear


King label rear


Thank you you Donald for the King rear cover photo, thank you Ken for the King front photo.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-2Rose-Colored Dawn2:17
1-3Mary, My Mother2:37
1-4My Children, Trust Me2:08
1-5Sacred Heart3:35
1-6We Are God’s People1:53
1-7Look Around You2:29
1-8Too Young For Dying1:50
1-9Jesus, Jesus1:51
2-2Sometimes The Way Of Life Is Hard2:58
2-3Well, It’s Jesus2:45
2-4Simple Treasures1:53
2-5Immaculate Heart2:53
2-6Whenever I Send Up A Prayer1:53
2-7Give A Little Kindness1:59
2-8Everytime I Look Around2:16
2-9Come, Lord Jesus2:12