Resolution (Angelus WR 5088)  1974


Greer, Mark - Resolutions (Angelus)

Angelus – Resolutions – front cover


King Records – Resolutions – front cover

Eighteen more songs in the same simple format as Searching.  Ranges from joyful strums to gentle melodic folk to solemn moody ballads, spread over titles like ‘For Love Of Me’, ‘When’ You Told Me To Love My Neighbor’,’Ballad Of The Carpenter’, ‘The Eucharist’, ‘The Smallest Seed’, ‘Mist Of The Morning’ and ‘It Makes Me Want To Cry’.  A production of Apostolate Of Christian  Renewal in Los Angeles.  As with Searching, this album was later re-issued on the label called King where the classy cover photo of Mark and his guitar were replaced with a basic graphic design.    (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


Angelus - Resolutions - Rear cover

Angelus – Resolutions – Rear cover


King Records – Resolutions – rear cover




Song #Song TitleTime
1-2Love Is The Reason2:11
1-3For Love Of Me2:10
1-4What A Wonderful Day1:40
1-5When You Told Me To Love My Neighbor2:14
1-6Ballard Of The Carpenter2:34
1-7The Eucharist2:59
1-8He’s Always Near3:37
1-9He’s Everything To Me1:23
2-1The Smallest Seed2:23
2-2God Of My Heart2:02
2-3Mist Of The Morning1:46
2-4Love is Fair1:37
2-5It Makes Me Want To Cry2:04
2-6Not Tears At All2:56
2-7Christmas Song1:53
2-9The Legion Of Christ The King1:58