Larry Norman (Starstorm/Rhema S777-1) 1977 Australia *


Although it’s basically a sampler lp of OVTP and Garden tracks, this ten-song Australia-only self-titled release (usually referred to as Starstorm) remains just about the most sought after album for that particularly zealous breed of collector known as the Larry Norman completist.  As for you more level headed individuals, you may wish to pursue a copy as well since several of the songs are significantly different than their most commonly heard versions.  That would include ‘Righteous Rocker #2’, an extended version of ‘Song For Pamela (Fly Fly Fly)’, a different arrangement of Street Level’s ‘I Don’t Want To Lose You’ and the seldom-heard full-length ‘If God Is My Father’.  You may detect subtle differences in other tracks as well, such as ‘I’ve Got To Learn To Live Without You’.  So keep your own Down Under buddies on the alert.  Shiny gatefold cover with lyrics on the inside.    (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



1. I Don’t Want To Lose You
2. Song For Pamela (Fly- Fly- Fly)
3. I’ve Got To Learn To Live
4. The Same Old Story
5. The Great American Novel
6. Christmas Time
7. Pardon Me
8. Righteous Rocker #2
9. Be Careful What You Sign
10. If God Is My Father

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