Streams Of White Light Into Darkened Corners (AB 777) 1977


An ingenious offbeat satirical look at quasi-religious rock songs from 1970 to 1974. No Larry compositions this time, instead focusing on popular spiritually-angeled songs by artist like Randy Newman (‘I Think He’s Hiding’, He Gives Us All His Love’), Leon Russell (‘Stranger In A Strange Land’, ‘Prince Of Peace’), Jackson Browne (‘Song For Adam’), along with ‘Put Your Hand In The Hand’, ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters’, ‘Let It Be’ and a disco-fied ‘My Sweet Lord’. The later three titles are described as “a trilogy of songs about faith, hope and royalties” by The Surf Duke, the neurotic disc jockey that introduces each set of songs with his witty commentary (we know him better as Randy Stonehill). Includes very electric covers of Clapton’s ‘Presence Of The Lord’ and the Stones’ ‘Shine A Light’, plus an utterly hilarious version of ‘Spirit In The Sky’. Large foldout insert with numerous photos and observations about the artist as well as the circumstances surrounding the songwriting. Cover notes state that the album was originally conceived as a newspaper article, but no one would publish it. Although advertised as a collector’s item only (“radio airplay on any of the material on this album is expressly forbidden”), this package also happens to provide a very insightful and entertaining listening experience. Worth it just to hear Randy say “up your nose with a garden hose!”   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Spirit In The Sky
02. Put Your Hand In The Hand
03. Bridge Over Troubled Water
04. Let It Be
05. My Sweet Lord
06. Presence Of The Lord
07. I Think He’s Hiding
08. He Gives Us All His Love
09. Stranger In A Strange Land
10. Prince Of Peace
11. Song For Adam
12. Shine A Light

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