In Another Land (Solid Rock SRA 2001) 1976





And the classics just keep on comin’. Many of the songs that appeared in primitive form on Street Level and Bootleg would get the professional studio treatment they deserved on In Another Land, probably Larry’s most familiar recording. This debut for the Solid Rock label together with Randy Stonehill’s Welcome to Paradise would serve as a one-two punch for the Christian rock scene and set the standard for those who liked their Jesus Music a bit more on the long-haired radical side. Sheesh, just look at the covers – I remember how these guys stood out like sore thumbs in the record racks displayed next to the clean-cut likes of Dino, Tom Netherton and all the rest. From the opening riff and jolting “woooooh!!!” of ‘The Rock That Doesn’t Roll’ (sure to immediately distance the anti-rock crowd) to the majestic symphonic climax of the closing ‘Hymn To The Last Generation’, Norman covered styles as diverse as retro rock n roll (‘Shot Down’) and old-time Broadway (‘The Sun Began To Rain’) along with his regular mix of acoustic tunes, orchestrated ballads, hard rock, etc. Lead chops are rendered by Larry’s favorite guitarist Jon Linn while Randy Stonehill contributes additional guitar and harmonies. All three albums of the Trilogy have been re-issued on CD with bonus tracks. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



Larry Norman - In (In Lt)
















Larry Norman - In (In Rt)
















Larry Norman - In (Bck)









Thank you Donald for the improved rear cover & the inside gate-fold photos.  This is a combination of the original album with the CD Bonus Songs from the iTunes version.





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1The Rock That Doesn't Roll3:32
1-2I Love You3:08
1-4I've Searched All Around The World3:22
1-5Righteous Rocker #30:48
1-6Dejia Vu3:58
1-7I Am A Servant3:06
2-1The Sun Began To Rain1:15
2-2Shot Down1:57
2-3Six Sixty Six2:30
2-5One Way2:21
2-6Song For A Small Circle Of Friends3:44
2-7Hymn For The Last Generation1:56
Strong Love, Strange Peace4:01
Joyful Delta Day5:39
The Rock That Doesn't Roll (Live with Sir Cliff Richard)




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