So Long Ago The Garden (MGM SE4942) 1973

Almost So Long Ago The Garden (Phydeaux BONE 777-6) 1980

A couple different fronts.


While perhaps not as immediately accessible as Only Visiting This Planet, So Long Ago The Garden never the less contains some of Larry’s most fascinating, enigmatic and personal songs. The gospel-edged ‘Soul Survivor’, the sprightly upbeat ‘Meet Me At The Airport (Fly Fly Fly)’, the mesmerizing ‘She’s A Dancer’, the slow swampy funk-blues of ‘Be Careful What You Sign’ – all of these numbers grow better and better with each listen. ‘Christmas Time’ (co-written by Randy Stonehill) remains a classic bit of commentary on holiday commercialism. More fine piano blues in ‘Lonely By Myself’ while ‘It’s The Same Old Story’ and Baroquen Spirits’ show Larry at his most melodic. Another homage to Dylan with mega-bizarre dream sequences on the blues-thumping 6:22 closing track ‘Nightmare’ (“love is a corpse, we sit and watch it harden; we left it oh so long ago the garden”). Look for the original fold-out cover on the MGM label. The photo on the front apparently generated some controversy – was Larry wearing any cloths? The 1980 green-bordered Phydeaux re-issue (also known as Almost So Long Ago The Garden) is listed here mainly because it contains two tracks not on the original issue (‘Up In Canada’ and the Caribbean-flavored ‘Peacepollutionrevolution’), while dropping ‘Soul Survivor’ (even though it’s listed on the sleeve.). (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Fronts and a couple of different backs do no necessarily match the fronts.



Larry Norman - So  (MgM In Lt)



Larry Norman - So  (MgM In Rt)





















Larry Norman - So  (MgM Bck)

















Thank you Donald for the additional rear and inside gate-fold photos.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Fly Fly Fly3:35
1-2The Same Old Story4:05
1-3Lonely By Myself3:40
1-4Be Careful What You Sign4:55
1-5Baroquen Spirits4:58
2-2She's A Dancer3:20
2-3Soul Survivor3:35
2-4Nightmare #716:22
Up In Canada2:49
I Hope I See You In Heaven5:52



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