Only Visiting This Planet (Verve V6-5092) 1972


Many would consider Only Visiting This Planet to be Larry’s crowning achievement. Returning to a mainstream label with big production values, Larry showed he could do everything from richly orchestrated pop ballads (‘I’ve Got To Learn To Live Without You’) to rock and roll (‘Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music’). Larry gentler side is revealed on acoustic numbers like ‘The Outlaw’ and ‘I Wish We’d All Been Ready’ or the intensely fragile ‘Pardon Me’.’Six O’Clock News’ and ‘Why Don’t You Look into Jesus’ opt for the heavier end of the musical spectrum with a hard-edged classic rock sound. The Christian themes presented here certainly don’t preclude Larry from delivering some of his most scathing political commentary as witnessed on ‘The Great American Novel’ (“you say we beat the Russians to the moon and I say you starved your children to do it”). And Norman’s barbed wit is in full bloom on the gutsy ‘Reader’s Digest’ (with its obvious nod to Dylan’s ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’) where even the Beatles receive a few light jabs (“I’ve been listening to some of Paul’s records – I think he really is dead!”). Recorded in London, England. The original Verve press comes in a handsome tri-fold cover with a short extra flap that extends the Stonehenge back photo. There’s also a brief unlisted acoustic track (‘Oh How I Love You’) at the end that is not included on later pressings and re-issues. OVTP was later touted as part of the Trilogy, continued with So Long Ago The Garden and completed with In Another Land. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




1. I’ve Got To Learn To Live Without You

2. The Outlaw

3. Why Don’t You Look Into Jesus

4. Righteous Rocker #1

5. I Wish We’d All Been Ready

6. I Am the Six O’Clock News

7. The Great American Novel

8. Pardon Me

9. Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music

10. Reader’s Digest



  1. Peacepollutionrevolution (Radio Single)
  2. Righteous Rocker (Hard Rock Version)



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