Bootleg (One Way 2JC900) 1972


Another underground winner for Larry, this one a double album compiled from private tapes and sub-titled “(A Documentary) Jesus Rock 1968 – 1972”. Similar to Street Level with its mix of solo acoustic material, solo with piano, and electric studio tracks. Side one (1968: The Early tapes) includes sturdy acoustic renderings of Upon This Rock titles ‘Walking Backwards’, ‘Ha Ha World’ and I Don’t Believe In Miracles’, the latter accompanied by mandolin and percussion, preceded by the brief instrumental ‘Classic Mandolin’. Other songs include ‘I Think I Love You’ and the slow piano-bar blues number ‘The Day That A Child Appeared’. Side two (1969: The One Way Sessions) includes ‘What Goes Through Your Mind’, ‘No Change Can Attend’, the country-edged ‘A Song Won’t Stop The World’,

‘Taking My Time’, and a live acoustic performance of ‘Blue Shoes White’, along with pre-In Another Land versions of ‘One Way’, ‘666 (The Anti-Christ)’ and ‘I’ve Searched All Around’. Side three (1970 – 1971: Mixed Media) is for the most part more of historical interest than repeated listening. ‘Television Interview’ discusses the “Jesus Rock” phenomenon, while ‘Jesus At The Movies’ has Larry speculating how John Wayne might have sounded proclaiming “surely this was the Son Of God”, as well as Walter Brennan at the Last Supper. Also appearing is the more serious-toned talk ‘Let The Lions Come’ (a speech to Russia for Christ) and ‘Addressing The National Youth Workers Convention’ which is actually a lengthly live sometimes ad-libbed cover of ‘Sweet Sweet Song of Salvation’, frequently interrupted by Larry’s zany quips and attempts to get the audience to sing and clap. Side four (1971-1972: Maranatha) has more pre-In Another Land songs like ‘UFO’, ‘Song For A Small Circle Of Friends’, and very electric covers of ‘Without Love You Are Nothing’ and ‘Why Don’t You Look Into Jesus’. Also ‘When I First Met You’, ‘A Love Like Ours’, the piano ballad ‘Even If You Don’t Believe’, and the live acoustic -twanging bluesy ‘You Can Save Me’ with the classic line “God I Love You… and just got your book”. For the die-hard collector there are numerous label and cover variations: gatefold, single slip, white title, red title, no title, block letters, outlined letters, and on and on. Re-issdued on blank-label vinyl by Phydeaux in 1990 with the bonus track ‘He’s Got The Whole World’. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Original LP release

Side 1 (1968: The early tapes)

1. I Think I Love You

2. Walking Backwards

3. Ha Ha World

4 Classical Mandolin

5. I Don’t Believe in Miracles

6. The Day That a Child Appeared


Side 2 (1969: The One Way sessions)

1. What Goes Through Your Mind

2. No Change Can Attend

3. One Way

4. A Song Won’t Stop the World

5. Blue Shoes White

6. 666 (The Anti-Christ)

7. Taking My Time

8. I’ve Searched All Around


Side 3 (1970 -1971: Mixed media)

1. Television Interview

2. Let the Lions Come (Speech to Russia for Christ)

3. Jesus and the Movies

4. Addressing the National Youth Workers Convention


Side 4 (1971 -1972: Maranatha)

1. When I First Met You

2. Without Love You Are Nothing

3. A Love Like Yours

4. You Can Save Me

5. Even if You Don’t Believe

6. UFO

7. Why Don’t You Look Into Jesus

8. Song for a Small Circle of Friends



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