Street Level (One Way JC7397) 1st version 1971?

Street Level (One Way JC7397) 2nd version 1972


At about face from the major-label production values of Upon This Rock, Street Level took off in the opposite direction with a sparse rugged homemade style (or as Larry later described it on the In Another Land insert: ‘choppy and gritty and under-produced”). And with very successful results I might add. As with Randy Stonehill’s Born Twice on the same label, Street Level has a live acoustic side and an in-the-studio-with-band side. Taken from a performance in Hollywood, side one opens with ‘Poem’/’First Day In Church’: a spoken word routine in fake cockney accent borrowed oversees from England’s Alive! Compilation where it was recorded by Nigel Goodwin. It’s an enlightening pointed jab at how the un-churched youth might react when attending a traditional service. Next up are ‘Peace Pollution Revolution’, the convicting ‘Right Here In America’, and ‘I Wish We’d all Been Ready’. Side two of the original and scarcest press contains what the label states are selections from the rock musical ‘Lion’s Breath’. Kicks off with a powerful sting fuzz-rocking cover of ‘The Six O’Clock News’. Next is the mysterious acoustic ‘She’s A Dancer’ from the second People album, followed by ‘I Don’t Wanna Lose You’, the piano-accompanied ‘The Price Of Living’, and another fine rocker ‘Sigrid Jane’. Side two of the more common second version contains a competely different set of songs. Randy Stonehill is on second guitar and harmony, while a group identified as White Light fills in the remaining instruments. ‘Baby Out Of Wedlock’, ‘Blue Shoes White’, ‘I’ve Searched All Around The World’ and ‘Jim Ware’s Blues’ (aka ‘Why Don’t You Look Into Jesus’) are all plugged-in cuts with the band, while’ One Way’ and ‘No More LSD For Me’ feature L:arry solo at the piano. Several of these songs would appear in fuller form on Only Visiting This Planet, So Long Ago The Garden and In Another Land, though I find the more seminal versions here equally satisfying. Numerous variations exist in the label and cover details. Whether you’re talking version one or version two, Street Level is an underground classic if ever there was one. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



Version 1


  1. The First Time That I Went To Church
  2. Peace Pollution Revolution
  3. Right Here In America
  4. I Wish We’d All Been Ready
  5. I Am The Six O’clock News
  6. She’s A Dancer
  7. I Don’t Wanna Lose You
  8. The Price Of Living
  9. Sigrid Jane


Version 2


  1. First Day In Church
  2. Peace Pollution Revolution
  3. Right Here In America
  4. I Wish We’d All Been Ready
  1. Baby Out Of Wedlock
  2. One Way
  3. Blue Shoes White
  4. I’ve Searched All Around The World
  5. No More L.S.D. For Me
  6. Jim Ware’s Blues



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