Something New Under The Son (Solid Rock SRA 2007) 1981


Here’s my personal pick for Larry’s Best and most consistent album. Something New Under The Son is a raw hard blues-rock tour de force. Although not released until 1981, it was apparently recorded quite a bit earlier. Larry’s keyed-up Mick Jagger vocal delivery never sounded better than cuts like the jamming ‘Let The Tape Keep Rolling’ and the Stones-ish ‘Put Your Life In His Hands’. SNUTS may also be Jon Linn’s finest performance on record, tearing things up with his bluesy “guitars, slide, essence and flaming fingers” while Larry blares along on harmonica. Songs are structured around the spiritual journey of a person identified as “pilgrim”. Lots of parallels to Dylan’s Bringing It All Back Home, start on ‘Larry Norman’s 97th Nightmare’. Also draws inspiration from John Lee Hooker for the gritty ‘Watch What You’re Doing’ (“Mama killed a chicken, she thought it was a duck…”). This would be Larry’s last great rock and roll statement before a series of spotty ’80s and ’90s releases. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Hard Luck Bad News
02. Feeling So Bad
03. I Feel Like Dying
04. Born To Be Unlucky
05. Watch What You’re Doing
06. Leaving the Past Behind
07. Put Your Life Into His Hands
08. Larry Norman’s 97th Nightmare
09. Let That Tape Keep Rolling


Can be purchased here.

Can be purchased here.