We’re Not Going Back (Zmirah Music no #) 1983


This does fall out of the usual time period , I guess I just like the light rock with messianic flavor. This is more than just light rock though as it is very professionally done with some nice twists and uses of instruments. Stylistically put with Liberated Wailing Wall. Nice custom in a gatefold cover. Just 7 songs two of them joint songs that take over 9 minutes each. Out of Oakland California. Review by KS.

This also has progressive elements. At points it reminds me of After The Fire, at other points Lamb or Liberated Wailing wall. There are moments of classical and some hard thumping drums and bass. Layers of harmonizing vocals, on the last piece ‘Death Where Is Your Sting – The Horse And Rider’  has accentuating horns which fit the piece perfectly. At one blast it reminded me of a Spanish horn flourish at another a French touch, maybe representing the last trumpet as heard by the different countries. I was also reminded of some worship services I recently attended. Yet this music pre-dates the music in the recent worship service by 25 + years. At least one very worshipful number “Praise The Lord” which as I mentioned above rocks right along.  Review by RP.




01. Babylon

02. Prepare-Search Me

03. The Lord Is My Light

04. Can You Hear The Love Song

05. Praise The Lord

06. We’re Not Going Back

07. Death Where Is Your Sting – The Horse And Rider