Give Thanks (Old Salt Music OSM-7801) 1978


Give Thanks introduces ten more quiet-natured originals in the same acoustic style, including such stirring songs as ‘Feed My Sheep’, ‘Saturday’s Song’ and ‘Please Let Me Come Home’.  Light breezy jazz air ala Michael Kelly Blanchard on ‘Back Together Again’ and ‘Goodbye — Moving On’.  The single female backing vocals add depth, as does the additional guitar work from George Gagliardi.  Both Albums are custom pressings from Nashville, Tennessee.  For those reflective moods. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Give Thanks

02. Made In The Image

03. Feed My Sheep

04. Back Together Again

05. The Lion And The Lamb

06. Saturday’s Song

07. Love Was A Stranger

08. Goodbye – Moving On

09. Please Let Me Come Home

10. Newborn Love