The Lord’s Supper (Birdwing BRW-2013) 1979







Sometime between The New Earth and The Lord’s Supper, John Michael Talbot clipped his hair, donned a robe and embraced Catholicism. In 1979 he emerged with an entirely different sound. The Lord’s Supper is a very rich moving meditative classical orchestral work, blending Talbot’s vocals and acoustic guitar with a full symphony and choir. The new style isn’t fully perfected yet – that would come later in the ’80s as Talbot became a leading figure in the Catholic music scene, and one of the very few to have popularity carry over into Protestant audiences as well. Boy, what a change from that shaggy long-haired gun-toting cowboy in Mason Proffit. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).





John Michael Talbot - Lord's (Bck)




Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
02We Shall Stand Forgiven4:08
03Glory To God3:01
04Creed I1:38
05Creed II3:59
06Holy, Holy, Holy2:55
07Communion Song4:32
08The Lord’s Prayer1:31
09Lamb of God2:16
10Lift High the Banners of Love1:58
11Our God Reigns3:01
12King of the Ages1:32
13Holy is the Lord2:11
14I Am The Bread of Life2:18
15Te Deum Laudamus1:52
16Lord Be Glorified2:07
17Be Exalted O God3:13
18Cast Up a Highway (Psalm 68)1:32
19Gloria Patri1:29
20Holy Ground2:50
21Holy Father2:58
22Glory to the Father1:25
23Lion of Judah2:26



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