There’s Still Time (Caliche CR 101)  1976


With There’s Still Time Strathdee began adding a singing ensemble to some of his tracks.  That leaves a few choral and/or liturgical impressions, although many of the songs retain a folky quality equivalent to FEL artists like Bob Hurd or Ron Griffen (both of whom also had small vocal ensembles).   Still a couple tracks with just Jim and his guitar: ‘Beautitudes’ and the title song.  In addition to guitar, Jim plays harmonica, piano,mandolin, melodica and violin.  Contains thirteen songs, all but one written or co-written by Strathdee.  Subtitled Hymns And Songs.  (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Glory To God

02. Come To The Lord

03. Beatitudes

04. Drops Of Water

05. With The Lord As My Guide

06. Save The Lord

07. There’s Still Time

08. A Gift Song

09. He Comes To Us

10. Love Song

11. Our Father

12. Lord, Let Thy Servant

13. Track 13