Peace Is Here To Stay (FEL 662)  1977


Friendly guitar-and-piano folk and soft rock with warm straightforward melodies. Shaw plays piano and bass but delegates the vocals to others (Dennis Essig, Bob Ortiz, Tom Scullen).  Several musicians contribute acoustic and electric guitars, banjo flute, sax and other instruments, though the overall; impression is usually that of a small band performing.  Among the eleven titles are songs about weddings (‘Together One’, ‘Coming Home’), praise (‘Good Gifts’, ‘Praise God With Our Song’, ‘Sing Out To The Lords’), friendship (‘Warm Morning Dew’) and a simple children’s round (‘Walk In The Way Of Jesus’).  Bongo percussion and sharp acoustic leads add an edge to the minor-key ‘Sister Please’, while tuba and banjo bring a lighthearted mood to ‘I Guess We Have The Lord On Our Side’.  A pleasant quiet-natured affair.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Peace Is Here To Stay

02. Sister Please

03. Together One

04. Good Gifts

05. I Guess We Have The Lord On Our Side

06. Praise God With Our Song

07. Warm Morning Dew

08. In The Quiet Stillness

09. Walk In The Way Of Jesus

10. Coming Home

11. Sing Out To The Lord