Same Sweet Song (Tempo  R 7143)  1976


With this album Hope Of Glory trimmed their number down to five: Tim Wade, Rick Thigpen, Gary Ingram, Bubba Chambers and Melvin Mar.  They totally transformed their sound in the process as well, switching to a small-band country folkrock and ballads style.  The CSN-ish opener ‘I’ve Been Wantin’ To’ (written by Pat Terry) is the album’s strongest track.  Some songs receive light string orchestration, while a few others are mellowed into MOR, easy listening or gospel. Other covers include the brass-backed Pat Terry title track, James Cleveland’s ‘Every Man Needs God’, and Danny Taylor’s ‘Two Different Worlds’ and ‘One Man Show’.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. I’ve Been Wantin’ To

02. Come Follow Me

03. Two Different Worlds

04. Quimosabe’s Last Ride

05. Every Man Needs God

06. Same Sweet Song

07. One Man Show

08. Lord Hello

09. Motorcycle

10. God Cared Enough