Spirit Of Elijah (Star Song SSR-0008)  1979



Another instrumental pop/jazz snapshot of the man and his horn (and flute).  Mostly originals this time, sometimes with Maynard Ferguson flair.  ‘Martin Luther King, Jr.’ opens with a short excerpt of a message from Dr. King.  ‘New Life’, ‘Jesus, El Conquistador’, ‘Joshua’ and the title track remind us that disco was a huge influence at the time.  Also lightly jazzed versions of ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘In The Garden’.  Soulful backing vocals can be found injecting a few short phrases here and there.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Fletch was a key contributing musician on many albums by other artist during this era.  diakoneo



01. New Life

02. Kid Talk

03. Amazing Grace

04. Martin Luther King, Jr.

05. Jesus, El Conquistador

06. Spirit Of Elijah

07. Past Reflections

08. Joshua

09. In The Garden

10. Jubilee