Family Tree (Polydor 2371 306) 1972 Germany *



This one does not seem to be in The Archivist. It is also not the same group as the Family Tree, Family or Family Three group which was a trio. This group is a much larger group. However they do not sing as a whole group on every song or the songs are broken down to solo’s duet’s and small groups with the overall group supplying the chorus and backup. This is a pretty rocking album with only about two slower pieces of the 12 presented,  ‘Day By Day’ being one of them. ‘Somebody Is Lonely’, which has a deep bass voice talking at times giving it a hauntingly surreal feel.  Review by RP.

Thank you Dennis for the information and cover pictures.



01. Reason For Love

02. Day By Day

03. The Fugitive

04. Holy Night

05. Jesu, Jesu

06. Walk Along By The Riverside

07. Hey, Brother, Come To Jerusalem

08. Working At The Liberty Road

09. Samson

10. Somebody Is Lonely

11. Happinessville

12. Running