Harmonizing Word (NALR EG 78)  1978


Harmonizing Word continues in a gentle acoustic format with some of Ed’s most uplifting songs, including ‘Too Young To Be A Prophet’, ‘So Let Time Be Your Friend/Jerry’s Song’, ‘Gifting Us’, ‘For Each Other’ and ‘Images Of Weston’ (the latter three are especially pretty).  Elegant use of acoustic guitar and flute, sometimes joined by violin, viola and cello.  Some mandolin as well, combining with banjo and fiddle for a lighthearted bluegrass mood on ‘Encircle Us’.  A couple surprisingly loud electric guitar leads on ‘Come And Be At Peace’ and the beautiful brisk Fogelberg-ish acoustic rocker ‘ The Mountain Song’.  Joe Wise, Maleita Wise, John Pell, Theresa Edell and Bobby Fisher are some  of the names in the credits.  Includes a large fold-out six-panel lyric sheet/poster with an illustration of Ed playing guitar.  See also Lights Of The City. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1We Will Run 3:43
1-2Too Young To Be A Prophet 4:02
1-3We Remember 1:31
1-4Encircle Us 2:33
1-5So Let Time Be Your Friend / Jerry's Song 2:59
1-6Come And Be At Peace 3:56
2-1Harmonizing Word (Help Me Turn My Heart Around) 2:43
2-2Gifting Us
2-3The Mountain Song 3:42
2-4For Each Other 3:40
2-5Your Bread's For The World 2:43
2-6Images Of Weston 3:53