The Wine of Lebanon (Dovetail Dove 46) 1976  UK *




In between recording as Valley Of Achor and simply Achor, this London folk/praise/soft-rock outfit issued this fine lp under the name Wine Of Lebanon.  It’s a bit smoother than Valley Of Achor, but still retains a dreamy “progressive” edge from the melodic blending of flute. acoustic guitars and synthesizer.  Most female vocals (credits actually  say “vocals by Achor”).  ‘Holy Nation’, ‘I Am Completely Discouraged’, ‘Fallow Ground’, ‘The House Of Jacob’ and ‘You Can Hasten’ are some of the eleven titles.  Much better than the Achor lps (less unison singing).  And once again we have the colorful fantasy sleeve.  Produced by John Pantry.   (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Wine of Lebanon3:23
1-2I will never leave you
1-4Ask and it shall be given unto you2:23
1-5Holy Nation4:42
1-6I am completely discouraged4:46
2-1Lord Please make your people one3:37
2-2Fallow ground3:02
2-3The House of Jacob2:13
2-4You can hasten4:07
2-5Father the time has come6:23