My Gift To You Is Song (no label, no #) 1980


Wings Of Life front

Wings Of Life are Suzie Rademacher, Christi Cassinelli and Beverly Graham-Cooke – three young women from a Catholic fellowship in Bothell, Washington.  Their custom album sports a playful melodic light rock style mixed with gentle ballads.  The emphasis on keyboards (mostly piano but also synths) and immaculate layered harmonies often brings out a dead-on early 2nd Chapter Of Acts sound.  Guitars?  No fear – they’re in here too, particularly noticeable on heavier tracks like ‘Lies’, ‘Singer’ and ‘Put On The Mind Of Christ’.  Bev’s songwriting is tops as are the instrumental arrangements and overall production.  Fave track for me is actually Christi’s ‘Kill My Giants’, a lazy swaying ethereal ballad with a soft jazz angle and wispy mesmerising vocals.  (The Archivist by Ken Scott).


Wings Of Life back


01. Lies

02. Summer Day Sunshine

03. Wings Of Life

04. Smell A Flower

05. Kill My Giants

06. Singer

07. Walk With The Lord

08. Love Song

09. I Want To Go Home

10. Put On The Mind Of Christ